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For the electronical protection of commercial buildings and other professional objects, the IP burglar-alarm system CCS7000 is the safest and most reliable solution. The system is used widely in retail, in SMEs and in industrial buildings. 

Because of the modular setup of CCS7000, efficient protection is easier than ever, and it allows for growth. The system can be used with hardly any restrictions, and it can be integrated with most common detection systems.

Extra suitable for retailers with chip-and-PIN devices
In situations with high-risk objects (EN50136), alarms are forwarded through a (closed) IP connection with GPRS back-up. The IP connection of the CCS7000 alarm system allows for the connection of a chip-and-PIN device. Should, for whatever reason, the primary connection of your chip-and-PIN device fail, transactions can still be performed by automatically switching over to the GPRS back-up connection.

Technical overview:

  • Alarm transmission via IP and GPRS
  • Designer control panel, with soft touch and keytag controls
  • The controls can be adapted to fit personal taste and to match interior design
  • Easily accessible through Web-User Interface
  • Standard 8 inputs, maximum 512 inputs
  • Induction loop monitoring, EOL, DEOL and Anti Mask settings for each input
  • 2 monitored outputs (siren/flash), maximum 256 outputs
  • 1024 users, 64 areas and 1500 memory log files
  • Maximum 64 controls (code and/or Mifare)
  • Maximum 64 admission card readers (64 doors)
  • Controlled by wire, wireless (hybrid) or through domotics
  • Easily programmable and manageable through WinCCS software
    and/or the Remote Management System (RMS)
  • Easy remote control with the CCS app
  • EN50131 and EN50136 Grade 3 certified, REQ registered

Compact and widely applicable
The CCS7000-series consists of a burglar and robbery system in a robust metal casing, and it complies with the highest European standards EN50131 and EN50136 Grade 3. This means that this system can be used for low-, medium- and high-risk objects.

The CCS7000 is equipped with an emergency power supply, that guarantees proper functioning of the alarm system if the mains voltage fails.


The CCS7000 has 8 standard inputs. These can be extended to 512 inputs for optimum burglary detection, 32 of which are wireless inputs. There are 4 outputs, that can be extended to maximum 256 outputs. The in- and outputs are coupled for several programmable technical controls.