Beijing Vacuum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (BVE) was founded in 1993, affiliated to 12th research institute of CETC (China Electronics Technology Corporation) (founded in 1956). Located in electronics science park in Beijing, Capital of the People’s Republic of China.

BVE have been concentrating on intelligent security technology development and have a dedicated R&D team, manufacturing base as well as professional sales and after sales team with many years’ field experience. Combining the vacuum and microwave technology, BVE main security business covers container scanner, truck scanner, various sized vehicle scanner, x-ray baggage scanner, luggage scanner, cargo scanner, human body security checking equipment as well as explosives, narcotics & liquid detector etc.

  • Terahertz Human Body Detector

    Terahertz Human Body Detector (1)

    [:nl][:en]New generation visualized human body security check equipment utilizing terahertz imaging technology.[:][:]
  • Baggage inspection (8)

    [:nl]Usually, it is not hard to see a lot of baggage scanner machines in many places like airports, railway stations and coach stations. The bag scanner is also called baggage X ray machine because the X-ray technology is applied in the machines. Before you check in, you need to put your baggage on a conveyor belt of the x ray…
  • Cargo inspection (3)

    Cargo inspection is an important link in the field of logistics and trade. As is shown in the name, cargo scanner is used to detect whether there are dangerous goods in the packages of cargo. With the rapid development of science and technology, online shopping and cargo freight have been developing quickly as well. That is why goods detector is…
  • Vehicle inspection (2)

    With the increasing amount of private cars, vehicle security has become more and more important in modern society. Security products like under vehicle inspection device has won a lot of popularity in the world. Among all security equipment, vehicle detection equipment is the latest developed product. The vehicle detection equipment is composed of a convex lens and a handle. The…