X-Ray machines


Shanghai Eastimage Equipment Co., Ltd, is a leading security screening manufacturer that provides superior security products, multiple solutions and great service that meets our customers’ most demanding threat detection needs. With its advanced technology, reliable products and services, remarkable results have been achieved in the areas of civil aviation, public transportation, important facilities, large-scale international events, big sporting events and other industry applications.

Shanghai Eastimage Equipment Co., is the main supplier, R&D centre and production base of security products in China, is awarded as “Hi-Tech Enterprise”, “Software Enterprise”, “Little Giant Hi-Tech Enterprise” and “Patent Experimental Enterprise” by Shanghai Government.

The facility has not only received ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 from ISO certification authority TUV and CE, FDA, but also has been accredited to AAA level of Commercial Credit Evaluation awarded by China’s authoritative organization.

Eastimage X-ray machines