Terahertz Human Body Detector BVE-4000 (B03 Pro)

  • Safe: World leading passive terahertz technology to receive the terahertz waves emitted by human body, it is entirely non-radiative and harmless for human health. Different from x-ray human body screening technology and active millimeter waves, it is 100% safe.
  • Intelligent:Automatically identify the prohibited items concealed under clothing.
  • Efficient:Capable of high throughput of over 1500 people per hour.
  • C-AD: Automatically detection and alarm of a wide range of threat objects in real time during the detection processing by clearly highlighting potential threats on the display monitor.
  • Comprehensive: With full body screening, it is able to see the size, shape and location of both metallic and non-metallic items concealed in clothing, instead of original walk-through metal detector’s metal objects detection only.
  • MoreCourteous: No manually pat-down is needed, no human anatomical details are revealed, privacy is protected.
  • Customized Service provided: meeting various end users’ requirements for special expectations.

The BVE-4000(B03 Pro) is an advanced terahertz human body security detector for detection of human body for threat objects they bring with, easy to operate, specially designed to meet the needs and applications of AirportsCustomsPublic transportation operationsEmbassy, Government Office, Military Base, Prison, Army or wherever high security and total security solution is required.


The BVE-4000(B03 Pro) is a new generation visualized human body security check equipment utilizing terahertz imaging technology.

Terahertz refers to electromagnetic waves with the wave length between infrared and microwave. It can penetrate many dielectric materials such as clothing. By passively receiving the terahertz waves emitted b human body and with data processing, a 2D terahertz intensity map of the body will be generated. When objects are concealed under clothes, contrasts are displayed at the corresponding locations on the intensity map due to the different absorbability of the objects to terahertz waves, thus the existence and shapes of the objects are identified.

BVE-4000(B03 Pro) offers all the advantages of CETC technology, including high-quality imaging, the industry’s superior user-friendly operator interface and networking capabilities. The state-of-art imaging technology, intelligent dangerous objects assist detection and positioning function is consistently fast, accurate, and efficient screening and detection of weapons, metallic, non-metallic items and other threats and contraband goods.