Pyronix Outdoor Detector XD15TT

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Pyronix outdoor detector, risk class 2

The XD15TT protects every perimeter to 15m outside. It can protect along a wall or on the side of a house for example.

Ultra violet light is always present in our environment. It is particularly strong at high altitude to sea. Exposure to such high radiation reduces performance and can fully blind the PIR lenses. Therefore, the XD lenses are manufactured to the highest standards and covered with a heavy ultra violet filter for their protection against UV-radiation.

Tri-Digital Signal Detection
The detection of human presence is based on the advanced analysis of the activation sequence of the microwave motion sensor, and two independent digital motion detectors. When all three sensors at the same time box activated the detector will alarmmelding.Deze Tri-digitial signal detection logic increases the immunity of the detector in an outdoor setting.

It may be difficult to see the alarm LED on the detector from a distance as a result of strong sunlight. To enable the installer to perform a quick and easy walk testing during installation and audible indication of the presence within the detection range (if necessary) the XD is equipped with a built-in buzzer. This will create a buzzing sound to indicate an alarm activation. The buzzer can be switched off when not needed.

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Pyronix buitendetector, risico klasse 2