Pyronix Glassbreak detector BG16DF

 23,18 ex VAT

The Pyronix BG16DF glassbreak detector is equipped with an advanced digital filter background noise. This filters out unwanted noise and increases the accuracy of the detector.
The detector picks up the first height on the frequency of the “breaking” of the glass, and then the initial low-frequency “flex”, the movement of the glass. Both breaking and splintering of the glass may be detected.

• Range 8 meters, 360 degrees
• Advanced digital background noise filter
• Dual detection
• Omni-directional sensor
• Alarm time of 2.5 seconds
• Detection speed 0.2 – 3m / s
• Types of glass Float, Plate, wired, laminated, lead, double glazing
• Glass thickness 2.4mm to 6.4mm
• Glass Dimension 0.3m x 0.3m to 3m x 3m